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At Ned's Flooring, we pride ourselves on quality and professionalism. We started as a small one-man operation, and through word of mouth and high-quality reliable work, have grown to a much larger and more experienced company serving Michigan and Ohio. All of our staff have spent thousands of hours operating our equipment in multiple environments. With us on the job, your flooring is removed quickly and cleanly with the use of environmentally friendly techniques. We stand behind all of our work. Let us use our experience and expertise to find the right flooring solution for you.


Safety is our number one priority and concern. All of our staff have been extensively trained on the safe and proper use of our equipment. Managing heavy machinery, such as scrapers and other tools, can be inherently dangerous. We ensure the job site is safe not just for our own people, but yours too. Our machine operators are practiced and extremely qualified. They know the correct way to complete the job and never deviate from what they learned in training. Each one works very carefully to set up, clean up and perform the job in a way that minimizes risk and maximizes safety.

Renting a Machine

Are you thinking of renting equipment to DIY?

There are companies in both Michigan and Ohio that will rent equipment to consumers – but it may not be worth your while. First, the machines may cost up to $1,200 a day to rent, and often require a large deposit. Second, you'll have to transport the machine yourself, as well as purchase your own diamond tooling, chemicals and electrician services to help power up a 480-volt, 3-phase grinder. Once it is on site, you must operate the machine without damaging your property or causing injury. Lastly, if the machine breaks, you may be charged for getting it fixed. It is usually safer and more cost-effective to call the professionals.

Our Work Promise

We are equipped to get the job done right.

When you hire a company to take on a large project like flooring removal and concrete floor polishing, you want quality work, highly knowledgeable professionals and a gorgeous finished product. With Ned's Flooring Removal, you get all of that — at a minimum. We have the experience and training to turn your floor into a piece of art. Our track record of complete customer satisfaction and better-than-expected outcomes is the reason for our success. Whether you found us online or were referred to us, we promise every client the highest level of service, quality and safety. Count on us for a great experience and a job well done.